• Property settlements – married couples

    Who gets the house?
    What’s best for the children?
    Splitting the super and dividing the assets.
    What about wills, tax and the debts?

    We are experts in solving these problems, generally without going to Court.

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    Property settlements – married couples
  • Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution

    Mediation (including family dispute resolution) is a great way to reach good agreements.

    It avoids delay, costs and stress of court proceedings.

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  • Effective communications

    Finding new ways to communicate effectively saves energy and stress.

    It will get the best results from negotiations and mediation. Good communication is essential if you wish to co-parent successfully.

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    Effective communications

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International Family Law

Our clients live both in and outside of Australia and we are experienced in the complications of both Australian and international family law.


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