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Our firm specialises exclusively in family law, mediation and dispute resolution.


Matthew Shepherd


  • Solicitor since 1990.
  • Accredited as a Family Law Specialist by the NSW Law Society in 1996.
  • Accredited as a Dispute Resolution Specialist by NSW Law Society.
  • Accredited Mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System.
  • Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (can issue S6OI Certificates).
  • NSW District Court Panel Mediator.
  • NSW Law Society Panel Mediator.
  • Master of Dispute Resolution (Honours), University of Technology, Sydney.  Geoffrey Bartholomew Memorial Scholarship winner 2012.
  • Lecturer in Dispute Resolution Advocacy – University of Technology, Sydney.
  • Mediation Coach and Assessor for College of Law, Sydney.
  • Co-chair NSW Law Society Specialist Accreditation Advisory Committee (Dispute Resolution).  Committee Member – NSW Law Society Dispute Resolution Committee.
  • Trained in Mediation with University of Technology Sydney, Bond University, LEADR and the Australian Institute for Relationship Studies.
  • Member of NSW Law Society, Family Law Section of Federal Law Council, LEADR and NSW Collaborative Practitioners, Australian Institute of Family Lawyers & Mediators.
  • Collaborative Practitioner.  Member of the Relationships Australia Collaborative Practice Group.  NSW Collaborative Practitioners and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.
  • Associate of the American Bar Association.

Megan Day


  • Solicitor since 2011.
  • Has worked exclusively in family law since 2009, including as Legal Associate to Justice Watts of the Family Court.
  • Accredited Mediator under the Australian Mediator Accreditation System.
  • Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (can  issue 60I Certificates).
  • Has practised as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in Family Relationship Centres.
  • Trained Collaborative Law practitioner.
  • Trained in issues of family violence, cultural awareness and counselling with the Institute of Family Practice.
  • Member of NSW Law Society.
  • Special interest in international family law issues including surrogacy.

Shepherds The Family Law & Mediation Specialists are experts in solving the legal and financial problems that arise from relationship breakdown – generally without going to Court.



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