Here is a link to my article on Othello and family violence published in The Conversation. I am presenting a paper at this week’s National Mediation Conference   http://www.mediationconference.com.au/ on a similar theme – Mediating King Lear:  Taking the Tragedy out of Shakespeare’s Greatest Tragedy. The bi-annual National Mediation Conference is the largest convention of mediators in Australia.  There are always great presentations of interest to lawyers and other negotiation professionals – as well as for mediators.


Evaluating the Family Law Settlement Service

I am one of the mediators appointed to the Family Law Settlement Service operated by the Family Law Courts. A detailed Evaluation Report of the Service has been prepared by Marilyn Scott of the University of Technology Sydney.  The Report examines the initial 148 cases referred to the Service for mediation in 2012.  Here is a link to the report. Some interesting features of the Report are: 58.4% of matters referred to the Service for mediation settled or did not proceed to hearing.  The report estimates this saved around 132 days of court hearing time – and avoided significant costs for the parties and the Courts. 73% of the parties reported that the mediators were even-handed, listened to both sides of the story and were “carefully in charge of the process.”  Similarly, 73% of parties reported that their lawyer supported them in the process.  This is consistent with my experience as a ...


Family lawyer, Melanie Roberts, has joined us at Shepherds The Family Law & Mediation Specialists.   Click here for details of Melanie’s expertise and qualifications.   Melanie has practiced as a solicitor in New Zealand, England, and Australia.  In addition to being a family lawyer, Melanie is also an accredited mediator and registered family dispute resolution practitioner.    Melanie and I can provide gender-balanced co-mediation.  Many separating spouses concerned about gender bias and power imbalances, prefer co-mediation with male and female mediators.  Co-mediation allows Melanie and I to attend closely to the needs of each spouse, and also model effective communication.  This is particularly useful when dealing with high conflict individuals or couples.