Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

Divorce and separation are not easy

Separating spouses have many issues to consider. Who gets the house? What is best for the children? Splitting the super and dividing the assets. Plus the pain of separation and dealing with the ex-partner. Mediation (also called family dispute resolution) is a great solution. Most people reach agreements at mediation.

What is Mediation?

Our flexible mediation service:

  • Creates a positive climate for joint decision making.
  • Improves communication (essential for future cooperation as parents).
  • Facilitating negotiation and agreements.
  • Can deal with all parenting, property and financial issues.
  • Avoids delay, stress and costs of court proceedings.
  • Mediators are neutral, independent and do not take sides.
  • Satisfies legislative requirements including Pre-Action Procedures, Section 60I Certificates, court ordered mediation.
  • Can be arranged quickly and is confidential and discreet. No lengthy waiting period.
  • If appropriate and agreed, lawyers and other experts (eg. accountants, counsellors) can attend.

How Does Mediation Work?
How Long Does it Take and What Does it Cost?

Step 1 – Separate pre-meetings for each party to:

  • Allows each party to learn more about mediation, tell their story and establish trust and rapport with a mediator.
  • Check the dispute is suitable for mediation and customise the process to meet the needs of the parties.
  • Preparation for joint mediation including effective negotiation and communication skills.
  • Identification of documents and information which will help at joint mediation meeting.

Individual pre-meetings generally take in excess of one hour and cost $330 incl GST for each party. If either party does not wish to proceed to a joint meeting (or mediation is not suitable) there is no further charge. This avoids the greater cost of arranging a joint mediation where there might be negligible chances of success or the dispute is unsuitable.

Step 2 – Confirmation of arrangements including provision to mediator of agreed documents for reading:

This allows the mediator to customise the mediation process to the needs of the parties. There is no additional charge for this step.

Step 3 – Joint meetings which involve:

  • Identification of issues and concerns of each party.
  • Full discussion to allow each party and the mediator to understand each party’s point of view.
  • Identification of different options which might best meet the concerns and views of each party.
  • Negotiation of a mutually acceptable agreement (and how the agreement is to be documented).

The length of the joint meeting will vary depending on the issues and who is attending. Typically, joint meetings are:

  • Full day (seven hours). This is common when issues are complex or lawyers are attending and parties wish to resolve all issues in one session. The total cost is $3,300 incl GST.
  • Half day (four hours) $2,200 incl GST.
  • Parenting issues only (three hours), where no lawyer is attending $990 incl GST.

These costs are effective as at 1/01/17 and are payable prior to the relevant meeting.

For information about Matthew Shepherd’s expertise and qualifications as a mediator see About Us.

Want to Arrange Mediation or Get More Information?

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Compulsory mediation and family dispute resolution is increasingly required by legislation and courts.

We provide mediation and dispute resolution services that satisfy these legal requirements and can help you reach better agreements.



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